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GNC 7on7 player2
GNC 7on7 Player

The finger loop GNC Mouthpiece

is an excellent feature for handling

your sports mouthpiece on the field!



new arrivals



Grip-N-Clip (GNC) Sports, launched a NEW innovative patent-pending finger-loop mouthpiece designed in 2011 for athletes participating in various contact sports; i.e. Football, Soccer, Rugby, Lacrosse, Hockey, Field Hockey, Roller Hockey, Basketball and even Cheerleading. This easy to use mouthpiece, serves dual purposes, allowing the athlete to GRIP the finger-loop with their finger to insert and remove from their mouth without placing his or her fingers in their mouth. Secondly, they can CLIP the finger-loop onto the players’ facemask or jersey collar to hold in between plays. It also helps officials visually verify that players are in compliance with manditory league rules.


The GNC Mouthpiece comes in multiple colors to promote team, club and school spirit, as well as two sizes with and without the tethered strap to accommodate youth, teens and adult athletes. Organizations private labeling and team logos/mascots printing on the outer loop is also available. So, get your team in gear with a Grip-N-Clip evolutionary new finger-loop mouthpiece for contact sports requiring mouthguard protection against dental accidents, concussions, and contracting unwanted germs spread on the mouthpiece from dirty hands.

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